The Westmount Independent is an independent, Westmount-owned, weekly newspaper distributed free in Westmount, Quebec, Canada. Westmount is an independent municipality on the island of Montreal, just west of downtown and a part of the Montreal agglomeration.

The Westmount Independent's  circulation is 14,500+ copies by Canada Post and at drops around town. Our team of local writers, designers and editors is diverse and experienced. It includes Laureen Sweeney, Heather Black, Veronica Redgrave, Ted Sancton, Aurelien Guillory, Martin C. Barry, Ralph Thompson, and Ingrid Kovitch Dannenbaum.

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Laureen Sweeney, Chief Reporter


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Arleen Candiotti, Advertising Consultant, on leave until October 23, 2018. She will be back to work on the October 30 issue.

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 Recent editions:  

October 16: The Four Mayors - New PAC by-law - ‘what they do in California’

October 16, 2018 distribution

Multi-units buildings: copies will be dropped to your building’s lobby by private contractor

Houses & duplexes: a copy will come to you by Canada Post (likely on time, but eventually) AND by Publi-Sac on Thursday. Look inside the bag.

October 2: MTQ could fund 100% of highway sound barrier - Hiroshima saplings - New ideas at the Library

October 9: City seeks bids for expert ‘needs study’ - Mountainside Church sold to developer

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Westmount links:

City of Westmount

Westmount Public Library

Atwater Library

Westmount Historical Association

Centre Greene


The Westmount Independent is distributed by Canada Post in Westmount and at drop-offs around Westmount. 

Most reliable pick-up: 310 Victoria Bldg. lobby (Victoria Ave. and de Maisonneuve Blvd.)

2nd most reliable pick-up: Metro grocery store (Victoria Ave. & Sherbrooke St.)

Also: Victoria Hall, Westmount city hall, Westmount Public Library, Westmount Square tabagie, Atwater Library and at many coffee shops, salons and waiting rooms. 


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14,500+ physical copies DW, plus low-resolution email and web versions ● Distribution: Tuesday to Friday (longer when interrupted by postal holidays)

Press time: Monday at 10:30 am (except before long weekends, Friday at 10:30 am)

The Westmount Independent is owned by Sherbrooke-Valois Inc. 310 Victoria Ave.,  #105, Westmount, QC, H3Z 2M9

Sherbrooke-Valois Inc. used to publish the Free Press, calendars and Vivva Montreal, and hosts the website of Price-Patterson Ltd.