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Abbott, Louise. The Heart of the Farm: A History of Barns and Fences in the Eastern Townships of Quebec (with photos by Louise Abbott & Niels Jensen), 2008.

Baillie, Ray & Diana. Imprints I: Discovering the Historic Face of English Quebec (Montreal, the Laurentians, The Outaouais, South-west Quebec, The Richelieu Valley), 2001.

______,______. Imprints II: Discovering the Historic Face of English Quebec (The Eastern Townships), 2002.

______,______.  Imprints III: Discovering the Historic Face of English Quebec (Quebec City & Environs, Saguenay, North Shore, Gaspé), 2004.

Scottish Imprints in Quebec by Ray Baillie $30

Barbeau, Elaine J. Kids Care for Kids, 2002.

Binder, Ed. Abigail, 2005.

Boa, Ann Jarvis. My Eventful Life: Stephen Jarvis, U. E. (1756-1840), 2002.

Cantillon-Dabrusin, Marie-Andrée. The Amazing 401: Exploring Southeastern Ontario from Toronto to Montreal and Back Again, 2006.

CASA (Committee for Anglophone Social Action of the the Gaspé - various authors). Once Upon a Time in the Gaspé, 2005

Castelino, Lianne and Howick, Andrea. Yummy in my Tummy in Montreal, 2006.

Eddington, Brian. Out of Bounds: The Glen Mountain Ski Story, 2004.

Edmonds, Tom (with Trudy Harvey & Émilie Revil). Take Off Your Shoes, 2004.

Grivakes, Tass. Our Greek Roots, 1990.

Hamel-Beaudoin, Françoise.  Eastern Townships Saint: Lily Esther Butters, 2004.

Hamilton, Janice. The St. Lawrence River: History, Highway and Habitat, 2006.

Hustak, Alan. Sir William Hingston (1829-1907): Montreal mayor, surgeon and banker, soft & hard cover, 2004.

______,______.  Ghost of Griffintown: The True Story of the Murder of Mary Gallagher, 2005.

Johnson, Robert. Tables for One: A Spanish Journal, 2003.

Kindellan-Sheehan, Sheila. The Dead Ringer, 2010.

______,______. The Wrong Move, 2007.

______,______.  An Easy Mark, 2006.

______,______.  Cutting Corners, 2005.

______,______.  The Sands Motel, 2004.

King, Joe. Fabled City: The Jews of Montreal, 2009.

Laramée, Paul & Auclair, Marie-José.  Four Seasons in the Eastern Townships, 2004.

McCully, Sharon & Keith, Heather. Quebec Bonjour - Visitor's Visa to French-Speaking Canada (4th edition), 2004.

______,______.  Quebec: Bonjour, eh? An Introduction to La Belle Province for Tourists, Students and Newcomers (5th edition), 2005.

McGuire, Hugh and Rondeau, Jean-François. Montreal from Beer to Whiskey: A guide Montreal’s bars from Andrews to Zoobizarre, 2006.

Leuck, Angela (ed.). Rose Haiku for Flower Lovers and Gardeners, 2005.

MacArthur, Peter A., Fat Jack, 2005.

McKenna, Catherine. Jeanie Johnston Journal: An Irish Famine Ship Revisits Canada and Grosse Ile in the 21st Century, 2005.

McKenty, Neil. The Other Key: An Inspector Julian Main Mystery, 2003.

Melanson, Annika. Le bottin des bambins: Le répertoire montréalais pour femmes enceintes, parents, bébés et enfants (French edition of The Montreal Pocket Parent) 1-896331-85-8 $15.95

______,______. Rings & Things 1-897336-15-2 $10.95

Naraghi, Akhtar. With Mara that Summer, 2004.

Ogura, Victor Nobuo. Canadian Samurai: The Writings of Victor Nobuo Ogura, 2002.

Price, David. The (Practical) Guide to Finding the (Right) Finance Job in Canada, 2005.

Price, Phil, Carola & David . Montreal from Bread to Wine (2nd edition), 2007. 

______,______.  Montreal from Bread to Wine: A guide to Montreal's bring-you-own-wine restaurants, terrasses, reasonable dining and nightclubs, 2005.

Pye, Margaret. A Bird in the Bush: The Story of the Province of Quebec Society for the Protection of Birds (1917-2002), 2002.

Ransom, Cherra. Starnet, 2001.

Sancton, Andrew. La Frénésie des Fusions: Une Attaque à la Démocratie Locale, 2000.

Symon, John. Exploring Montreal with Kids: 500 Fun-Filled Family Activities (new edition of #1 Gazette bestseller), 2010.

______,______. Exploring Montreal with Kids: 500 Fun-Filled Family Activities, 2006-7.
______,______.  Exploring Montreal with Bikes by John Symon 1-897336-16-0, 2007.

Watson, Rena. God is Forever, 2002.



Beattie, Benny. The Sands of Summer, 1994.

______,______. Tadoussac: Les Sables D'Été, 1995.

Buck, M. Laurel. Roots beneath the Pavement: A Tribute to Verdun by One of Her Reluctant Children, 1998.

Carney, Anne E. Harrington Harbour, Back Then, 1991.

Collard, Edgar Andrew. The Irish Way, 1992.

Ghan, Linda. A Gift of Sky, 1996.

Gordon, E. J. E. J. Looking Back, 1993.

Gubbay, Aline. A View of their Own: The Story of Westmount, 1998.

Hamilton, Phyllis. With Heart and Hands and Voices: Histories of Protestant Churches of Brome, Missisquoi, Shefford and surrounding area, 1996.

Kidd, Henry G. The Megantic Outlaw: A Scottish Community's Resistance to Injustice in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, 1997.

Mappin, John N. My Father's War: Kenneth George Mappin in the Great War (1914-1918), 1997.

McKenty, Neil & Catharine. Skiing Legends and the Laurentian Lodge Club, 2000.

Robinson, B. K. Once A Lion: A Tale of Pinnacle Mountain, Frelighsburg and the Eastern Townships, 1996.

Taddeo, Antoinette. Canada con Passione: A Teacher's Cry for Quebec, 1997.

Tomaszewski, Irene & Werbowski, Tecia. Zegota: The Rescue of Jews in Wartime Poland, 1994.

Whitford, R; Purdon, L.; Neil, S.; & Edmonds, T. Living Together: Make the Most of It, 1999.

Wilson, P. Roy. Design & Delight, 1990.

______,______. Rhymes and Rhetoric, 1996.

Consulting projects:

Marks, Christopher. The Montreal Racket Club, 1992.

McNally, H. B. Bruno (1918-1993), 1993.

Stikeman, H. Heward. The Mount Royal Club: 1899-1999, 1999.

World Federation of Hemophilia. Hemophilia, HIV & AIDS: Choices for Living, 1990.



Anthology. The Loyalists of Quebec (1774-1825), 1989.

Baldwin, Alice Sharples. High, Wide and Handsome, 1981.

Evans, Lewis. Tides of Tadoussac: The Golden Age of a St. Lawrence Resort, 1982.

Marler, Howard. Marler: Four Generations of a Quebec Family, 1987.

Shaw, William F. & Albert, Lionel. Partition: The Price of Quebec's Independence, 1980.

Stevens, Allan W. The Guiding Life: Salmon Angling, 1989.

Sutherland, Harriet B. I Remember When! 1982.